Informational and Interactive Self-help Resources

The following resources are provided for your information only.  This should not be considered an endorsement by New Beginnings.  Our group is not affiliated with any of these services, and we are not responsible for the content in these links. If you would like more information, please contact these organizations directly.

  • Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)

    Through careful observation you will discover the things you need to do every day to keep yourself well, external events that may make you feel badly, early warning signs that let you know you are not feeling well, and signs that let you know you are feeling much worse. With this knowledge and by using the Wellness Tools you have discovered for yourself you will be able to develop a Wellness Recovery Action Plan that will help you feel well more often and move forward with your recovery.
  • Mental Help Net

    Mental Help Net promotes online mental health education and provides scientifically accurate and up-to-date coverage of mental health and illness topics.  It offers news, information, and an online community.
  • (formerly offers a wealth of tools for coping with life and for finding your way to better self-esteem.  This is the same information that used to be on, from the same authors.
  • Healthy Place

    This site provides comprehensive information and support for people with mood disorders.  Learn about various disorders and medications, read the latest news, and even participate in an online community.
  • Mood Garden

    A website where individuals who are living with mood disorders (depression or bipolar disorder) share information and support on a message board/forum.
  • You Can Choose To Be Happy

    Contains a free self-development program to help you get positive control of your emotions, your relationships, and your life. Learn to overcome anxiety, anger, and depression and find more love, hope, confidence, and integrity to be the person you really want. Discover your Higher Self and learn how to overcome your worst fears of loneliness, rejection, poverty, illness, failure, etc. You can read chapters out-of-order to gain knowledge of specific topics.
  • BP Magazine

    A magazine dedicated to increasing the awareness of bipolar disorder providing hope to those living with the disorder.  New Beginnings has a limited supply of this magazine available for temporary checkout at our meetings.
  • DBT (Dialectal Behavior Therapy) Self-Help

    DBT can be an effective therapy for some people with borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder.  This website is for people who are seeking information about DBT (Dialectal Behavior Therapy).  It was created by people who have been through DBT, not DBT professionals.

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