1. Confidentiality: What is said in group stays in group. We respect privacy.
  2. Safety: Respect others and observe boundaries. See a facilitator if you have any concerns.
  3. Medicine & Doctors: We do not prescribe, diagnose, or give advice. Advice only comes from professional care givers. We do not name medications of any kind.
  4. Participation: You have the right to pass. Participation is voluntary.
  5. Unrelated Activities: No cell phones, texting, or food during group. Cell phone must be on vibrate.
  6. Listening: Listen to others without interrupting. Raise your hand to respond. One person speaks at a time.
  7. “I” Statements: Use “I” statements and share from your own positive experiences, insights, and coping skills.
  8. Judgment: We do not judge or criticize each other.
  9. Sharing: Our time is limited, and we start and stop on time. We need to give equal opportunity, for sharing as well as feedback, to all group members.
  10. Accountability: We are responsible for ourselves, our actions, and our wellness.

Other things to know before attending:

  • We are not professionals, nor is our group a substitute for professional treatment. We offer peer support, not therapy or education. New Beginnings is a self-help group.
  • All groups are free.
  • All groups start on time. We may leave early if everyone is finished speaking, but we never end late.
  • Everyone present must be at least 19 years old.
  • Those attending for the first time take their turns in the second half of the meeting.
  • Supportive people (family and friends of the person with the mood disorder) are welcome to attend. However, we ask that supportive people just listen and observe.
  • This is not a dating group. Group will not be used as a dating service.
  • We can talk about medications as long as we don’t name them. For example, instead of saying “Prozac”, please just say “antidepressant”.
  • We watch our language. Swearing and other graphic or inappropriate talk is unwelcome.
  • We maintain a positive environment. Group is not a dumping ground or pity party. We want to feel better when we leave than when we arrived!

Our group is not equipped to help someone in crisis.

If you have an emergency or feel like hurting yourself or others, do one of the following NOW:

You are not alone!