Virtual meeting information

When we cannot meet in person, we will meet online instead.  Meetings will be virtual only when the in person meeting is cancelled. Our virtual group is free, secure, encrypted, and private.

We use an app called FreeConferenceCall. Set it up and get the meeting ID now – it’s easy!

How to set up the app:

  1. Download the app.
    1. To participate using your computer, go to and create an account, then download the FreeConferenceCall desktop app.
    2. To participate using your cell phone, go to your app store and download the mobile app “freeconferencecall”.
  2. Contact us to obtain the meeting ID.  Please either email us at or send us a Facebook message at  You can also contact any facilitator if you have a current phone list.  The unique meeting ID is necessary to join New Beginnings meetings.
  3. Contact us if you need help, have questions, or want to test the app to see how it works.  We’ll be glad to help!  We recommend that you set up the app and obtain the meeting ID at least 3 hours before the first meeting you attend so there is time to work out any technical difficulties or questions.

How to join a meeting:

  1. At the meeting start time, open the FreeConferenceCall app and click “Join”.
  2. Enter your first name and the meeting ID, and click “join” again.  You don’t have to enter your email address anywhere, but if you do, please know that it will be visible to everyone in the meeting.  You can also go into your settings/preferences and delete your email address from your session identity.
    1. If you are joining from your computer, you’ll see a screen that says “Welcome to the meeting lobby.”  Click the bar that says “Join With Computer Audio” on this screen.  You will then be connected to our group.
    2. If you are joining by cell phone, tap “Join Meeting” again.  You will then be connected to our group.
  3. To turn on your video, click the “Video” icon at the bottom of the app window (it kind of looks like a video camera).  Skip this step if you choose to chat by voice only, or if your internet isn’t fast enough to upload live video.

That’s it – you’re in!  Just wait for the facilitator to start the meeting, and get ready to do a check-in as usual.

Teleconference meeting protocol:

  1. The Group Guidelines that organize our regular meetings apply equally in our virtual meetings.  Click here to view the Guidelines.  We might not read them as we usually do, but they are as essential as ever for having a positive group experience.
  2. We must emphasize Guideline #6, “Listening”.  It will be more difficult to see one another, and some of us will be participating by voice only, so please wait to speak until the facilitator calls on you.
  3. When you are not speaking, please mute your microphone by clicking the “Mute” icon at the bottom of the app window (it kind of looks like a microphone).  This helps control static and echoes caused by background noises. Just remember to turn your mic back on before you speak again!

We hope to see you online soon!