Meeting Schedule

All groups meet at the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, 201 N. Warwick Road in Magnolia, NJ.

All meetings start and end on time.

Note:  At the start of a meeting, all groups meet together in the same room for a few minutes while we make important announcements.  Then we divide into smaller groups and specialized groups that meet in separate rooms (if necessary).  We take a 10-minute break halfway through the meeting.

Meeting Times:

  • every Monday :  7:00pm to 8:50pm
  • every Wednesday:  11:00am to 12:50pm
  • every Thursday:  7:00pm to 8:50pm

Our main support group for people who have mood disorders meets at the above times.  The main group always meets, even when the specialized groups are taking place (except for the first Monday of the month, when the main group divides into men and women).

Note:  Family and friends are also welcome to attend the main groups, and many find that doing so helps them gain a better understanding of their loved one’s disorder.  However, we ask that family and friends not participate in the discussion.

Specialized Groups (click “Specialized Groups” link for more details):
  • Women’s Group:  1st Monday of every month, 7:00pm to 8:50pm
  • Men’s Group:  1st Monday of every month, 7:00pm to 8:50pm
When we cannot meet in person:

We meet at our location every week of the year, including some holidays.  However, when a meeting falls on a major holiday like Christmas or Thanksgiving, or when there is severe weather such as a winter storm or excessive heat, our meeting will be virtual instead of in person. Meetings will be virtual only when the in-person meeting is cancelled.

Whenever a meeting is virtual, we do our best to post that information on the home page of this website under “Announcements”.  If you ever have a question about whether a meeting is in person or online, please call us or contact a facilitator.

Click here for information on how to attend our virtual group.