About Us

New Beginnings is a free peer support group for people with mood disorders, including depression, anxiety, bipolar, and related mood issues.

Among our values are social support and personal responsibility.  We strive to successfully manage our disorders and live well.

All of our meetings are facilitated by peers from the group.  We do not have professionals or therapy available.  Our group is not a substitute for professional treatment.

During the meeting, we each get an opportunity to share whatever is on our minds and receive feedback from the group.  We share experiences, information, ideas, coping skills, and support.  The facilitator directs the discussion according to our group guidelinesWe maintain a safe, confidential environment and keep our meetings positive.  We want to feel better when we leave than we did when we arrived!

In addition to the regular groups, we have social activities and special events throughout the year.

Though we meet in Magnolia in Camden County, people often come from all over the South Jersey area.  Some have come from as far away as Philadelphia, Wilmington, Bridgeton, Atlantic City, and even counties in Central and North Jersey.  We welcome you no matter where you live!

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